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About Nevil

I'm Nevil Couzens, known to most people as Nev. I live in Hertfordshire with my wife, two teenage children, an enthusiastic Spaniel, and my son's pet python.

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How did you get into M&E Recruitment?

I’m a rare thing- an agent who has some practical knowledge of how a site works! I worked for AMEC as an M&E Technical Clerk / Expeditor and latterly HVAC Commissioning Engineer and was involved with two major projects over four years. I was made redundant in 1998, went to see some agencies,  and thought “I can do that”. I cut my teeth at Anglo Technical Recruitment before moving to Eden Brown, and I set up Page Green in 2003.

Why did you set up Page Green Recruitment?

A client doesn’t forge a relationship with a company, they forge one with an individual and recruitment lends itself to a small, niche company like ours being able to do a far better job than a large impersonal company. It occurred to me from the very start of my recruitment career that the only way I could shape the way I did things in the right way was to work unencumbered by a one-size-fits-all ethos. Clients hate bureaucracy, corporate decision-making, and yes-men and so do I- when you deal with us you deal with an individual who genuinely understands the M&E market.

Why are you still here, 20 years on?

I simply love what I do, and genuinely get a kick out of filling a vacancy with the right person, or putting someone into a role they are really excited by. We’ve placed scores of people who have progressed to positions where they are now our clients and we’ve got a really solid core of great clients who respect the fact that we know what we are talking about. People are frequently amazed by our Frankness which must tell you something about our industry. I’ve lost track of the number of times people have said ‘You’re a breath of Fresh Air’, it’s a compliment that helps me realise I’m in the right job!


What do you do to unwind?

You are never far away from your job if you work for a specialist company like
this, plus I have a family, so the concept of spare time is not something that
I’m very familiar with. Given the chance I like to go fishing, drink beer and I’m
a bit of a DIY nut. I’m working on getting the family into fishing and DIY, so far
it’s not been successful but I’m ever hopeful…

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